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I move freely between the ambiguous limits of different media: sculpture, intervened object, drawing, painting and site specific installation. Through the creative act I inquire about the unintelligible reality, that other dimension of life that can be called mystery. This work is an alchemical process   of mixtures and decantations in which the approach to an unattainable essence is sought. There is a main root, the opposition to power as a form of domination and violence, the challenge to the canon tax, the search for freedom, chance and the magic of the creative process. 

My work is emotional, I seek to immerse myself in the pre-logical world; the intellectual, analytical or documentation part is prior or subsequent to the materialization of the work. The most hedonistic part is related to color and its emotional values, it is an anchor to the memory of the box of 75 colors from my childhood. The resulting production is inevitable and deliberately disparate in terms of formal appearance, the different stages give rise to constellations of series united by a common underlying link. In 2018   I opened a new line of work with magic lanterns. Direct projection through optical lenses   is a way with which I achieve a dematerialization of the work that becomes constructed with light, shadow and color.

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