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River Project



Despite having fallen in love with this collection of photographs of postwar schoolchildren to the point of being clear that I would do some work with them, it took me a long time to decide to undertake this project, I had never worked with photographs before, all my journey to cel At the moment it had been a path towards abstraction, seeking to achieve pure form and line, investigating the inner essence of color, the nature of light, its power of attraction and communication. Although the issues of time, memory and human being were not alien to me, addressing them from the manipulation of photography was.

The first approach to the photographs was in 2010 and resulted in two series: "Memory pills" and "Marked letters" but the Río Project as such started its journey in 2019 with the support of "O Vello Cárcere" from Lugo took shape to occupy the old cells of the women's prison. Simultaneously, another tributary of Rio emerged in Pazo Torrado "River of Shadows" and in 2020 "I SELL, I BUY, I CHANGE" in the Church of the University of Santiago. Works related to these photographs have been developed and have participated in different group exhibitions, in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

The title of the project alludes to a river, always changing without ceasing to be the same, a metaphor of a humanity in transit, which flows mixing at all levels: genetic, cultural, social and human. This exhibition is an intimate tribute to the generation that grew up in the harshness of the postwar period, with totalitarianism permeating all institutions; a reflection on the aftermath of our civil war, and by extension of any war, in the childhood that grew up in its sad wake. The work, from the artistic perspective, is an exercise in the analysis of human emotions, an attempt to understand the meaning of the word "person", with all the conditions: gender, social class and degree of fortune. This project I have had the collaboration of a forensic psychologist who has been in charge of helping to analyze facial expressions, making clear the merely speculative value of the project.


"River" O Vello Cárcere de Lugo- 2019

"River of Shadows" Pazo Torrado- 2019

photo collection

e postwar schoolchildren

"BUY, SELL, CHANGE" 20 Santiago University Church